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Hayley Atwell discussing Agent Carter at SDCC.

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I’m reading some of the commentary over tonight’s Teen Wolf, and I’m just kind of  … baffled. 

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Jemma, don’t trust  a n y o n e 

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Lydia, what do you hear?
                   The key.

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"I try to believe like I believed when I was five… when your heart tells you everything you need to know."

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If Parrish dies I’m quitting life.

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make me choose»  asked: bellamy blake or and clarke griffin

"Who you are and who we need to be to survive are two very different things." 

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Fangirl Challenge: [7/20] Families » Callie Jacob and Jude Jacob
"You’re not gonna split us up, are you? Cause I won’t leave my brother.”

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graphics battle ▴ rtylering vs dylanofuckeme ▴ boyd

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make me choose | alex/meredith or robb/jon
"I dunno… its just… Meredith always makes me think screwed up people have a chance"

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MCU   +   R E U N I O N S

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