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A sniper takes a shot at Natasha Romanoff. Half a world away, a woman with her face steps in front of a train in St. Petersburg. And out in the middle of nowhere in Saskatchewan, Clint Barton comes face to face with a woman who looks just like his old friend - down to the shade of her eyes.

The people who trained her always had a back-up plan. Finally, they’ve perfected their new Black Widow — and her first mission is to kill the others.

Orphan Black Widow

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Things that I want in season two of Faking It: Liam and Lauren
        —   “I couldn’t care less about Liam Booker.”

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Mike Peterson Week

Day Two: Favorite quote

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I can’t believe I forgot The Wedding Planner.

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The post-it note is judging me.

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alphabetgore said: WE CAN IT’LL BE FAB.

Fantastic, I’m looking forward to it! 

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sapphireglyphs said: I sent you my thoughts through fanmail but just in case you don’t get it, I want you to know that the reality is that you matter. You have great value as a person and making things harder for yourself is akin to beating yourself up. Stay strong.

Thank you for your kind words, I genuinely appreciate them. Sometimes I just get really unhappy, and even though I wrote out a list and most of the things sucked, it was weirdly comforting for me to remember at the end that one thing doesn’t suck—I have really great friends.

alphabetgore said: :( /flops on you

I was feeling unhappy, but now I’ve gotten back into denial mode, and I’m thinking about my favorite romantic comedies.

On a slightly different note, can we watch the other High School Musical movies next time I come over?

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emissarydeatons said: YOU’VE GOT MAIL IS EVERYTHING

IT IS THOUGH. I think I might actually have to rewatch it, because it’s been a few months since I last saw it. It always cheers me up!

emissarydeatons said: romcoms are so great

They really are though. I know a lot of people have issues with them, both socially and narratively, but they still really work for me. They bring me a lot of joy. I think I went to go see Sweet Home Alabama in theatres with my mom when I was younger, and that had a profound impact on me.

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il-tenore-regina said: I HAVE SEEN YOU’VE GOT MAIL A GAZILLION TIMES never gets old

ME TOO. It’s so great! I’m a sucker for falling in love with the same person twice, and every variation of lovers falling in love through writing, and also dislike  growing into love. It hits a lot of my favorite romcom tropes.

It isn’t even aging that well, but I don’t even care. It’s still one of my favorites. :)

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emissarydeatons said: [hugs]

Thank you, sweetpea.

 *hugs back*


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I absolutely love romantic comedies, even some of the really bad ones. But for the life of me I do not get Pretty Woman or The Notebook.

I just. I really don’t like them.

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Young & Hungry || You know what you need right now?

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